Monday, April 27, 2009

Sinatra_Z - A little harsh... But funny nonetheless

Just remember folks,
This is just a joke. So lighten up!

Trust me whatever your political leanings may go I am fine with it.


One fine day,
someone asked me this question.

"I was wondering, I mean I am just being curious, you don't seem to be racist at all so how come you support UMNO?"

I smiled and simply answered....

"You don't seem to be an Idiot, I am just curious, how come you support PKR?"

Oh yeah...
Remember folks, it's just a joke, a right wing joke. A Malaysian right wing joke.

It seems that in Malaysia,
Perceptions are more important than facts.
It is important to recognise which is a perception and which is a fact.

Let me give you an example...

"Everyone in Pemuda UMNO is a racist."

"Anwar Ibrahim was once the chief of Pemuda UMNO ."

In the words of Nabil
"Lu Pikir la sendiri!"

I shall leave you folks at that!

Selamat Malam....

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